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Little Ones- Ultrasound Studio

 Davenport, Iowa

About me 

Hello, Quad cities! My name is Lexie, and I am excited to provide 3D/4D imaging in Davenport, IA! I am an experienced, certified, licensed, and registered OBGYN ultrasound technologist in both Iowa and Illinois. I am qualified to electively scan your little one in the womb in 3D/4D ultrasound. From the first wiggles to seeing those chunky cheeks leading up to delivery, I will provide a fun, but also safe experience for you, as well as a priceless memory you will cherish for years to come. I am excited about the future and I look forward to meeting you and your little one! 

2D image .jpg

2D Ultrasound

This is the traditional black and white image that shows fetal skeletal structures and internal organs. You can also see baby's tongue moving, hair, and baby drinking the amniotic fluid! This is the first step to obtaining a good 3D image.


4D/HD Live Ultrasound

4D creates a live, colored, video effect! This ultrasound will show the baby as 3- dimensional but captures the baby in action. Like a movie! You can watch your baby yawn, smile, or even pout!


3D Ultrasound

3D is an advanced method of ultrasound which creates a 3- dimensional view of your baby’s face. It provides a still, colored image, which allows us to see dimples and nose and face features!

5D .jpeg

5D Ultrasound

5D ultrasound is the new technology for 3D/4D imaging that shows your baby in a pink, flesh tone, either with a still 3D or a live 4D! It’s a more lifelike image or video clip creating an even sharper, clearer look. This usually takes the place of the older 3D look of the image.


"I am so thankful that Lexie was able to give me such an amazing 4D scan! I was so happy & excited to see my baby boy. I also got the best pictures which eased my mind so much. Thank you, Lexie for being so kind & making me feel very comfortable. I will be back!!!"

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